How to save for your Dream Wedding

Make your dollar stretch further….Keep on reading… to find out how to save for your dream wedding.


  • Look at your housing budget. Is there something you can remove temporarily or remove altogether.
    • Take out cable and only use Netflix/Hulu
  • Have a garage sale. Use the profits for your wedding
  • Consolidate your debt, particularly student loans
    • Refinance your home for a lower interest rate
  • Find local inexpensive entertainment
    • Attend free events and festivals
    • Utilize the local library
    • Movies in the park
  • Cook and pack your own meals
    • Use coupons
    • Start a garden. Grow your favorite veggies and fruits
  • Use a credit card (as long as you can pay off the balance each month) that has rewards points and redeem those points for cash or travel
  • Start small by saving $5 a week, then after a month or so save $10 a week (or paycheck) and keep increasing each month or every other month soon the cost will add up.
    • $5 a week for 3 months =  60
    • $10 a week for 3 months = 120
    • $15 a week for 3 months = 180
    • $20 a week for 3 months =  240

Based off of a 4 week month

That equals a $600 a year saving. That could pay for a DJ and decorations *In the Boise, ID area.

Happy planning and saving,

Alison Lea

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