How to SAVE for the Future -Financial Planning

Wedding blogs, mine included, are filled with ideas on how to save money for your wedding, but what about after the wedding, what type of financial planning have you and your spouse decided on? Have you talked about retirement, life insurance, mutual funds, and certificate deposits? 

check-markYes, Great! What steps have you taken to make your talk into reality? Have you met with a Financial Planner? When was the last time you updated and took a look at your financial profile?

check-markNo, Let’s get started! It is never too late to get started, however, the sooner the better.


Financial Planning begins here:

Boise friends, I just met with Scott from Mass Mutual of Idaho who is establishing his career by working with engaged and recently married couples. THAT IS YOU! Take the opportunity to meet with him and plan for the now and the future.

As a wedding planner, I want you to be prepared for your wedding day but also prepared for a solid marriage. Take time to seriously talk about finances and meet with the experts who can assist you in every step of the way.

What are you waiting for- Meet with me for your FREE Consultation or 208-917-4775 and talk to Scott.

A NEW series to come More than a Wedding, it’s about a Marriage!

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