I won’t be the first or the last person to talk about  budgeting for a wedding. Budgeting comes in all shapes and sizes and a system that might work for one couple does not work another.

The Average Cost of a Boise, ID Wedding is 18,000-20,000. Find out what the cost is around your area.

Here is my best advise. Talk about a budget. Talk with your fiancé, talk with your parents, and future in-laws. Keep open communication about what you think your budget should look like and set expectations and boundaries.

Within your conversation about your budget set expectations on topics such as, if parents contribute what type of say do they have in the wedding choices. Are the parents providing you with the funds upfront or paying as vendors are found. Will you set up a secondary account where all your wedding funds will be held? Are you placing wedding purchases on a credit card? These are some questions and items to think about.

Additionally, come up with a realistic budget. But since you have never created a large scale event or wedding before, how the heck do you know what a realistic budget is for a wedding. Start by knowing approximately what things cost in your area. Do the research, invest time in meeting with vendors and spending time on the internet. Many vendors will offer a free consultation or a consultation at a low cost take advantage of these meeting and ask those very important questions. Also, this is where you can contact a Wedding Planner who can specifically work with you on a budget. Now that you have gathered your information you can start creating a budget. Keep in mind to allow the majority of your funds towards the wedding items most important to you.

Lastly, look up budget calculators, spreadsheets, and forms that will help you stay organized. You know the best way that you organize don’t let a site tell you that their way is the only way to keep on top of all the wedding details.




Sign up for The Knot and use their budget list  or create your own. I used OneNote.

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