The best time of Day to Get Married

Brides and Grooms I am going to break down the best time of day for you to get married. I am answering common questions as well as sharing the pros and cons. Are you a morning, midday, late afternoon, or evening person? Not sure, then read on. 



Good Morning Gorgeous, Hello Handsome (before 11 am)

If you are an early bird and like finishing your to-do list right away consider having a morning wedding. By 2 pm you could be finished with the reception and have the rest of the day to spend with your new hubby/wife. Take the time to relax, recuperate, and relish in the memories you just created.

Common questions about morning weddings

  • Will it save me money?
    • Yes, you can save on your venue and catering. Although, you will probably pay the same amount for photography and music
  • Will I have enough time to get ready
    • Not going to lie the timeline can be tight between getting hair and makeup done to taking pictures there is not a lot of downtime. The smaller your wedding party the faster you will be able to get through the pre-function rituals.
    • Before booking your venue(s) inquire if you can decorate the evening before
    • Consider having the rehearsal earlier the day before so you can get plenty of sleep or if all of your attendants are local book your rehearsal two days before the wedding.
  • Can I still serve alcohol at a morning wedding?
    • Yes, mimosas would be appropriate as well as Bloody Mary’s or a spiked punch. However, let’s think outside of the box and consider having a coffee bar or hot chocolate bar with all the fixings. Yum.
  • Will guest have to arrive the day before?
    • Depends, are your guest from out of town? Then yes, they will probably have to book a hotel room. However, if your guests are local (less than 2 hours away) then there is no reason for them to come up early

I love the mood and ambiance of a morning wedding.  In a nutshell, daytime tends to be more casual than evening events. Allowing for simpler tablescapes, lighter menus, and fewer extras (dramatic lighting, extravagant floral arrangements)

The Lunch Reception (12:00-2:00pm)

There is tons of charm to a Midday Wedding. I personally enjoy the family-style affair of having an intimate gathering coupled with effortless centerpieces laying upon long banquet tables with games (either board or outside) as the main form of entertainment. If you are a low key, easy going person than a midday wedding might just be for you.


  • Can we dance during the daytime?
    • Yes, dancing the during the daytime is perfectly acceptable.
  • Is a Midday Wedding less expensive than an evening wedding?
    • Yes, with a lunch reception and minimal centerpieces a couple can save quite a bit of money
    • Yes, swap tuxes for suites
    • Generally, less alcohol is consumed during the day then in the evening
    • Overall your guest list should be less than 75 people for a midday wedding. The smaller the guest list the more money saved
  • What time does a midday wedding end?
    • Always end the wedding by 5 pm otherwise guest will expect to be served dinner.
  • Cons
    • Many brides that choose this option, due to the funds they are able to save, “feel” like they missed out that traditional wedding experience and party atmosphere.
    • The wedding day wake up time is early
  • Pros
    • For an indoor wedding, the daylight can highlight your wedding views. If your wedding has beautiful big windows overseeing the water, a city skyline, mountains or any other beautiful feature a daytime wedding can show off those wonderful sites.
    • As mentioned above, there can be saving cost.
    • There is time to book a late someday flight
    • You can have an after party
    • Gives your guest plenty of daylight time to travel to and from the wedding

*I recommend a midday wedding during the winter due to the sun setting early, weather conditions and roads conditions. We want everyone to be safe.

To recap, there are fewer formalities with a midday wedding. A bride and groom can personalize the wedding without the feeling of having to keep up with Jones.

Before the Sunset (3pm-6pm)


The Late Afternoon/Early Evening Wedding is the most popular time to get married. The wedding party has plenty of time to get ready and you can still dance the night away.

Not many couples have questions about this time of day it is more just weighing the pros and cons


  • As mentioned above the later afternoon provides relaxation time during the day yet doesn’t interfere with late-night festivities.
  • You get booth daylight and nighttime setting
  • You can view the sunset
  • All ages can attend from the elderly to young children


  • Vendors cost are higher during this primetime affair since you are competing with other couples who want the same vendors particularly if you are considering a Saturday wedding
  • Guest list tend to be larger, therefore your cost will increase
  • You have all day to think and analyze the choices you have made pertaining to your wedding
  • Guest might drink too much at your wedding and cause a scene
  • It is not ideal to leave on your honeymoon the same day.

Oh What a Night (after 7 pm)

For the couple who are night owls and want a grown-up wedding feel an Evening Wedding is for them. Consider starting after the traditional dinner and offer late night goodies and cocktails to wash them down.


  • Lends well to a Friday night affair
  • Have your I Do’s under the stars
  • Have plenty of time to get ready
  • No expensive dinner, save with snacks or appetizers
  • Dance the night away


  • Guest with children will leave around 9 pm or might not come at all (unless they got a babysitter)
  • May not lend well to having a flower girl or other children in the wedding party
  • Older guests may leave early
  • Evening shots are tough for the photographer to capture

Other considerations: The couple should still feed their wedding party dinner. Also, make sure to indicate on your website or in your invitation that light refreshments will be served. Although in the wedding world dinner would not typically be served during this time frame many households do not get around to eating dinner till 6:30 or 7 pm. With guest arriving around 6:30 and the average wedding ceremony lasting only 15 minutes some guest might not eat prior to the ceremony and would be expecting dinner. Lastly, if you and your spouse are helping to clean up after the reception evaluate how much energy you think you will have at 12 or 1 in the morning.


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