5 Time Saving Secrets on your Wedding Day

Who doesn’t love saving time especially on one of the most stressful days out there? Here is a quote from a friend of mine “3 years ago today, I was exhausted, stressed out and sleep deprived:- Michael E. Do yourself a favor and check out these time-saving tips, don’t be like Michael, hire yourself a great coordinator and enjoy your wedding day- stress-free.

  1. Double side our buffet table

  2. Get hair and makeup done at a salon where each bridesmaid can have their own stylist Hair and makeup

  3. Take pictures ahead of time

  4. Have all your décor assembled ahead of time 

    assemble all are decor ahead of time.

    Assemble – Check!

  5. Go from table to table to meet with guest

    • Have your groom welcome guest at the door or near the aisle

Bonus: work with your photographer to take pictures of your wedding shoes and jewelry prior to the wedding day


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