2017 Wedding Trends Boise Brides!!

2017 Wedding Trends of the Year!!

Alright ladies and gentlemen with engagement season right around the corner it is time to announce this year prediction for the 2017 Wedding Trends. Are you ready? Pop the champaign and throw the confetti, the party is just about to begin.

The New Bohemium Chic Bride: where glam meets nature. Replace the flower  hair wreath with a beautiful wedding hair jewelry. To get this look check out Etsy.com and Charming Charlies. Keep the dress simple because it is all about the accessories.

hairstyle 2017 wedding trends

Individualize and a nod to heritage: I am in love with this trend. Whether it is wearing your mother or grandmother’s dress or displaying pictures of your past it is all about simple remembrance.

Wedding photos 2017 wedding trend

Couples from the past

Wait there is more….

Did you think I would only share 2 trends, no way! Keep going!

Rose Gold, it’s perfect: One of the best colors Rose Gold brings a beautiful shine and elegance to your wedding. We are so happy it made the predicted 2017 Wedding Trends list.

Cake Toppers get a new spin: replace the traditional bride and groom with a new design there are so many different options go crazy.

cake toppers 2017 wedding trends

Nature, nature, nature: Yes, it is still in and will be a key feature in the 2017 wedding trend. Think succulents and pine cones for favors, card holder, and centerpieces. Easy on the budget and gorgeous to look at what else do you want.

natural earth 2017 wedding trends

Keep Reading, it gets better and better 

Elegant dress: all dress are beautiful but there is nothing like a simple elegant dress. All you need is one focal point, whether it is the low back, long lace sleeves, or a simple train it’s about not going overboard.

Elegant 2017 wedding trends

The adventurous Honeymoon: Couples are looking for honeymoons with exciting places to see and thrilling things to do. Think about zip-lining, jet skiing, rafting, climbing, etc. Long gone are days of relaxing on the beach, now it is all about swimming with the sharks.

Honeymoon 2017 wedding trends         Honeymoon 2017 wedding trends

Were these the 2017 wedding trends you were expecting? What should go and what should have made the list, I want to hear from you! 

Alison Lea Wedding CoordinatorAlison Lea is the owner of The Innovative Bride a Boise-based wedding coordinating service specializing in personable + elegant weddings.  Offering a free meet and greet session, partial planning and day of coordination for couples looking to find their creative voice.  Here at The Innovative Bride we know it is more than a wedding, it’s about a Marriage!

Pop that Champaign and Toss the Confetti, Wedding Planning just got Fun!

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